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Convert Euro to Chinese Yuan EUR to CNY Currency Converter Below you can compare more exchange rates using the base exchange rate of EUR. Convert EUR to CNY Currency Euro EUR, Country Eurozone, Region Europe, Currency Chinese Yuan CNY. Currency Converter; Exchange Rates.

XE Taux EUR/CNY États membres de la zone euro en Yuan ou. Use "Swap currencies" to make Euro the default currency. Yuan ou renminbi chinois 1 CNY = 0,136990 EUR. Live mid-market rate 2017-03-06 UTC. Introduction au trading de Forex; Glossaire des devises; Haut 2017-03.

Convert Chinese Yuan to Euro CNY to EUR Currency Converter It's only a managed float against a basket of currencies for now since about 2 years ago so it's not really tradable in that there is no continuity of price (if you ever looked at a price chart of CYN you will see it's mostly a flat line except with a sudden plateau up or down at certain times when the government allowed it to appreciate or depreciate), no established volume and no depth. Convert CNY to EUR Currency Chinese Yuan CNY, Country China, Region Asia, Currency Euro EUR, Country. Currency Converter; Exchange Rates.

Convertir Yuan Chine contre Euro CNY vers EUR At that time, it will be each to its own; everybody will be scrambling to unload their positions. Convertir CNY en EUR Devise Yuan Chine CNY, Pays Chine, Région Asie, Devise Euro EUR, Pays Zone euro, Région Europe

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